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Therapist Neurodiversity Collective offers these free downloadable printables to the public to be used for educational purposes only. Each free printable we make available to the public represents hours of unpaid labor and donated personal time. 

Please respect our copyright ©, accrediting therapist organization ethics codes, and intellectual property laws. Please do not adapt and use anything on this website in for-profit endeavors, do not copy, edit or adapt our materials or resources, and appropriate the work as your own. Please do not add your logo to our materials, and do not appropriate and fail to credit our work at any time.

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Our Hotlinking Policy
What is a hotlink? It is the practice of placing a link on your own website directly to our free printable documents. Here are Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s policies on hotlinking:

  • You are not permitted to hotlink to any content on without fully citing our work and making it clear to visitors on your website that it is not your own original work.
  • You are not permitted to download our free printables and then upload them to your own website at any time (with a download link directly on your website).
  • You are not permitted to capture images of our free educational printables and post them on your own website. If you are using our images in a NOT FOR PROFIT endeavors, such as in an educational blog or article, you must obtain our permission in writing and, the image must be fully credited as shown below and linked to

Listing Therapist Neurodiversity Collective as a recommended “Resource” on your website, and then linking directly to our Home Page or the Education Page is fine.

Posting  links to our printable pdfs for public educational purposes only:
Your hotlink must include a full citation on your website’s link page, making it clear to your site visitors that the free printable is not your original work. Furthermore, you may not link your website directly to our website in any manner that leads visitors to be under the impression (directly or implied) that is part of your own website. 

Example of how to properly cite a link to one of our free printables: Title of the Free Printable, 2021, Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, accessed 1 October 2021, <>

You are not permitted to place hotlinks from your website directly to Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s links to free educational printables for use in any of your for-profit endeavors.
This includes using our free materials as a way to advertise your for-profit business or therapy practice or parent coaching business, etc. This includes posting links or copies of our free materials that are only accessible behind a paywall, or only available to members in membership plan, etc.) You are not permitted to download and use our free content in any for-profit endeavor, where a person must pay you to access our free printables

Appropriating free neurodiversity education materials meant for advocacy education and exploiting them in for-profit endeavors is the appropriation of a human rights movement for financial gain. 
Violations will be addressed.  Read our Terms of Use