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Established January 2018

Neurodiversity is “…the diversity of human brains and minds – the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species.”  “Neurodiversity is a biological fact. It’s not a perspective, an approach, a belief, a political position, or a paradigm.” 
Dr. Nick Walker

The Neurodiversity Movement is a Human Rights Movement. “The Neurodiversity Movement says that people with brain-based disabilities (like autism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, or mental health disabilities) should be accepted and included in society just like neurotypical people (people without brain-based disabilities).” –  Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, Inc. is an international neurodiversity-affirming therapy, education, and advocacy organization.

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective was founded on January 11, 2018.


  • to provide free public access to non-behavioral based, trauma-informed, neurodiversity paradigm-aligned therapists
  • to advocate for acceptance and equitable inclusion for the neurodivergent and other-disabled populations we serve 
  • to provide neurodivergent-affirming education to therapists and to the public about non-behavioral therapy practices and methodologies that presume competence, are non-trauma inducing, and respect human rights, dignity, and sensory preferences

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices Series

The Collective’s focus is to align therapy practices within the neurodiversity paradigm. This organization advocates for unapologetically ABA-free, non-compliance/behavioral-based therapy, the ceasing of social skills training because of the harm and trauma caused by masking and camouflage, and respectful practices that include honoring body autonomy and respecting a participant’s “no” or refusal. 

Therapists aligned with Therapist Neurodiversity Collective are credentialed and licensed pro-neurodiversity-focused, trauma-informed providers who choose to be wholly allied with the Neurodiversity Movement as a Human Rights Movement. Therapist Neurodiversity Collective recommends that therapy practices do not seek to “normalize” neurodivergent people at the expense of their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. In co-production with clients, students, and their families, the Collective’s therapy model focuses on empowering neurodivergent people with increased abilities for communicating personal agency, autonomy, self-advocacy, and self-determination, as well as achieving personal goals.

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective advocates for radical changes in therapy practices to reflect presuming competence in the people therapists serve, championing human rights and dignity of the disabled, and respecting authentic neurodivergent communication, and sensory differences. Therapist Neurodiversity Collective actively partners with other Autistic, other-neurodivergent, and disabled people to provide updates in contemporary research, free and low-cost educational resources to the public, and neurodiversity-affirming educational training opportunities for providers that reflect neurodiversity-affirming ethics and core values.

Cover for Therapist Neurodiversity Collective
Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective is therapy, education, and advocacy collaborative run by an Autistic SLP. The Collective's focus is to align therapy practices within the neurodiversity paradigm.

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Autball - Spot on! Autistic social communication is just as effective as non-autistic social communication. #thedoubleempathyproblem #socialskillstraining for #actuallyautistic humans = #autisticmasking training. ... See MoreSee Less

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The constant scanning of their anxious self-conscious mind being minded by the constant scanning of anxious self-conscious minds all mixed up with fraudulent positivity bypassing what it really is, which is neither positive nor negative but is an anxious, self conscious scanning with a preconceived notion of faux positivity.

Because beware of making other people feel uncomfortable 🤣🥳

Natalie Ross oof ness

Eric Shugarts more propaganda they are teaching to brainwash perpetuating the fawn response in children. ( A trauma response ) fight flight and fawn but people forget being a people pleaser is a trauma response. (Fawning is people pleasing)... that many neurodivergent people are taught. Once they are put into a box that makes it easier to psychologically manipulate them to make others happy. Concepts like these are what I wonder when I'm painting in my apartment. I think of my identity and how's it been shaped and who I want to be.. because Iife we choose who we can be..we shouldn't let others tell us WHO we are. You only know yourself.

In response to the comic (and caption): and neurosis, complete Note: caricatures shaped like heavy punching bags

Kenneth Marquez-Perez

Ella Kurilan Meyrav Bar Haim

I’m autistic, is there any way to specifically hire therapists from this collective?

Wow, exactly.

Spot on!

Thanks for sharing!

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