Human Rights Positions

Disability Rights are Civil RightsDisability Rights are Civil Rights!

The Therapist Neurodiversity Collective believes that Disability Rights are Civil Rights. Read our position statement  HERE

Performative Neurodiversity 

Learn more about the Neurodiversity Movement HERE.

Restraint and Seclusion are never therapeutic!

Therapy Neurodiversity Collective members do not use Seclusion and Restraint in our Practices. Read our position statement HERE.

Respectful & Empathetic, Trauma-informed, Evidence-based, ABA-free We Advocate for Disability Rights & Civil Rights Advocate for equitable inclusion, & unrestricted access to supports, modifications, and accommodations Are ethical billers in all settings Are ethical sellers of therapy, parent materials, apps, & programs Provide therapy that is respectful of neurodivergence, autistic differences and sensory processing differences Presume competence & respect personal agency Apply a Strength-Based Approach Are unapologetic in our opposition to the use of ABA, including Positive Supports & Positive Reinforcement (PBS and PBIS) Are humane, trauma-informed feeding therapists Believe robust AAC is for everyone, with no gatekeeping, with immediate access to core language, aided language stimulation, & AAC modeling Respect body autonomy Do not engage in Seclusion or Restraint in our Practices Do not act as Social Skills Trainers or Interventionists Practice with cognizance of the potentially harmful effects of social skills programs that promote masking Honor & uphold the dignity & humanity of every client, student & patient we serve Ethics & Values

We advocate for unapologetically ABA-free therapy and are wholly aligned with the Neurodiversity Movement as a Human Rights Campaign. Learn more HERE.

Ongoing Advocacy Projects

2022 Feeding Trauma Advocacy Project

Raise awareness of the prevalence of traumatic, ABA-informed feeding therapies.
Give families and adult advocates a platform to share their experiences with traumatic feeding therapies.
Provide families with resources for reporting unethical providers and programs.
Use information gained from this project to petition therapy organizations and related organizations to protect children and adults from these practices.

Learn more here.


Advocacy Project opposing Board Certified Specialty in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASHA BCS-ASD)

The Therapist Neurodiversity Collective partners with multiple disability agencies, self-advocacy organizations, and therapy companies and providers in a grassroots effort to strongly oppose and condemn the mandated competencies for the American Speech & Hearing Association’s Board Certified Specialty in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASHA BCS-ASD).

Over 5900 people have signed our petition.

Learn More Here.