Therapist Neurodiversity Collective


Therapist Neurodiversity Collective initially verifies the credentials, and licenses for the therapists listed in our Directory. All of the listed providers in the Directory have agreed to follow our practice guidelines.

However, while we periodically review each business, we make no guarantees that therapists will remain licensed and certified or that they will follow our practice guidelines. We highly recommend that the public exercise due diligence with an appropriate level of investigation, including checking the validity of a professional’s credentials prior to engaging them as a therapy provider.

States that have listings on the Directory to date: California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas.

Countries that have listings on the Directory to date: Australia

Practices listed in The Neurodiversity Collective’s Directory have pledged to uphold

  • Human Rights
  • Disability Rights
  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  • CMS and World Health Organization (WHO) Patient Rights and Standards
  • Medical/Hospital/Residential Patient Rights
  • Student Rights
  • Children’s Rights
  • International AAC Rights

Practices listed in the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s Directory have agreed to abide by the following Ethics & Values Guidelines

  • Advocacy for Disability Rights and Civil Rights
  • Advocacy for equitable inclusion, and unrestricted access to supports, modifications, and accommodations
  • Ethical billing practices in all settings
  • Ethical sales of therapy/parent materials/apps/programs
  • Therapeutic programs that are respectful of neurodivergence, such as autistic differences and sensory processing differences, and address the individual’s specific needs as opposed to a diagnostic label
  • Presume competence and respect for personal agency
  • Apply Strength-Based Approach
  • Unapologetically oppose the use of ABA, including Positive Supports and Positive Reinforcement (PBS and PBIS)
  • Use humane and trauma-informed approaches to Feeding Therapy
  • Provide access to robust AAC with core language, aided language stimulation, and modeling with no prerequisites
  • Respect and Honor Body Autonomy
  • No application of Seclusion and Restraint in Practices
  • No application of  Social Skills Training/Intervention
  • Practice with cognizance of the potentially harmful effects of any interventions that promote autistic masking and camouflage
  • Zero application of Exposure Therapy (any form of “tolerance” or “extinction”, in Vivo and Flooding, Imaginal), that potentially induces emotional distress, trauma, and PTSD. This includes ERP, DPT, sensory system desensitization, or any type of operative conditioning or respondent conditioning (behavior modification through conditioning)

If you are a Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapist, help people to find you by listing your practice in the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective's Directory.

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 If the practice owner is a member of the Collective and agrees that all therapists within the practice will uphold TNDC’s ethics and values, a therapy practice may be listed in the TNDC directory at no cost