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Your group may list its Autistic-led or Neurodivergent-led Social Club or Group here at no cost!

Your social club or group must meet these conditions to be listed on Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s website:

  • The social club or group must be Autistic or Neurodivergent Peer-led (High School, University, Community).
  • Parent-led social clubs or groups (for young neurodivergent people or those with high support needs) must be led by an Autistic or Neurodivergent Parent.
  • The Club or Group will have no social skills training goals or therapy agendas of any kind.
  • Activities revolve around the group members’ interests.
  • Socialization is never forced or cajoled or rewarded.
  • Social clubs and groups must be free or low-cost (other than the costs associated with the activity), and not for profit.



If your club or group meets these requirements, send an email to with:
The name of your club or group
Country, State or Region, City
Link to website

It may take a few weeks for your organization to show up on this page. TNDC will email you with any follow-up questions if needed.

Autistic-led and Neurodivergent-led Clubs and Groups Links

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Fantastic resources for Autistic and Neurodivergent-led social clubs

Spectrum Gaming: Inclusive Activity Toolkit to Support Neurodivergent People

Inclusive Meetings: The Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Community Living Summit
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Therapist Neurodiversity Collective (TNDC) offers this directory purely as a public service and not as an endorsement or approval of any social club or group.  TNDC disclaims liability for the actions or damages incurred by the club or group, or individuals within them. TNDC does not accept responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content of the external sites, or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

TNDC highly recommends that the public exercise due diligence with an appropriate level of investigation, including checking the purpose and activities of the club and those people involved prior to joining or allowing your minor to join.