Please Read First Prior to Submitting Application

A licensed and/or credentialed neurodiversity-affirming therapist may apply to become a member if they agree to practice in accord with the Collective’s ethics and values. Annual dues are $149.00. 

Membership is open to neurodiversity-affirming licensed and credentialed practicing therapists, including:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists/SLTs/SPs
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors
  • Licensed Assistants (SLP-Assistant, COTA/OTA)

Therapists may apply to become an official individual members if their license and/or credentials can be verified by the licensure board or accreditation organization, and they agree to uphold our ethics and valuesWe do not have practice memberships available.

Active Members,  get access to

  1. All member communications from Therapist Neurodiversity Collective
  2. All live and recorded neurodiversity-paradigm-aligned continuing professional education events with certificates for Certification Maintenance Hours/Continuing Professional Education (CMH/CPE)
  3. All recorded past events.
  4. Access to a carefully curated compilation of research studies, white papers, and scholarly articles arranged by relevant topic and associated with neurodivergent-affirming practices.  Access is solely for use in non-commercial research and/or private study for general education knowledge.
  5. Opportunities to take action with human rights advocacy and activism campaigns, and we will support you in yours.
  6. Upon membership vetting, list your practice on the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s online directory at no additional cost. Our mission is to supply free public access to neurodivergent-affirming therapists who agree to practice with our ethics and values.

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective believes that the Neurodiversity Movement is a Human Rights Movement. First and foremost, we are activists and advocates.

Application Notes

  • Membership applications require administrative vetting and approval prior to admittance. The process may take up to 72 hours, or longer if there are follow-up questions to your application.
  • Please make certain you agree with Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s requirements to join prior to submitting a membership application. Membership is not automatic, and occasionally applications are turned down due to the following two reasons: Therapist Neurodiversity Collective has a no-tolerance position for the use of ABA, including the use of positive supports/rewards for client “motivation”, and a no-tolerance policy for neurotypical social skills training.
  • Please make certain you agree to adhere to our Terms of Use and hotlinking policies.
  • Please review our positions prior to submitting an application to make certain your practices parallel our positions because if your application is denied for any of the above reasons you will be refunded the cost of the membership dues minus a 20% administrative fee.

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The price for membership is $149.00 per Year.

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TNDC Practice Guidelines

  • Members are advocates for Disability Rights and Civil Rights
  • Members are advocates for equitable inclusion, and unrestricted access to supports, modifications, and accommodations
  • Members use ethical billing practices in all settings
  • Members adhere to ethical sales of therapy/parent materials/apps/programs
  • Members provide therapeutic programs that are respectful of neurodivergence, such as autistic differences and sensory processing differences, and address the individual’s specific needs as opposed to a diagnostic label
  • Members practice with a presumption of competence and respect for personal agency
  • Members apply a Strength-Based Approach
  • Members are unapologetic in their opposition to the use of ABA, including Positive Supports and Positive Reinforcement (PBS and PBIS)
  • Members use humane and trauma-informed approaches to Feeding Therapy
  • Members provide access to robust AAC with core language, aided language stimulation, and modeling with no prerequisites
  • Members respect Body Autonomy
  • Members do not use Seclusion and Restraint in our Practices
  • Members do not act as Social Skills Trainers/Interventionists
  • Members practice with cognizance of the potentially harmful effects of social skills programs that promote masking
  • Members will use no application of Exposure Therapy (any form of “tolerance” or “extinction”, in Vivo and Flooding, Imaginal), that potentially induces emotional distress, trauma, and PTSD
    This includes ERP, DPT, sensory system desensitization, or any type of operative conditioning or respondent conditioning (behavior modification through conditioning)

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