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Our innovative lecture topics and classes are aligned with a Neurodiversity-Affirming Paradigm, interconnecting cutting-edge contemporary research, autistic lived experiences, and ethical guidance with meaningful, practical applications that prioritize mental health and self-determined quality of life for autistic and other neurodivergent people.


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Neurodiversity and Culturally Responsive Therapy for U.S. Latinx Communities

Presenter: Ashlee Barrios-Ariaz, M.S., CCC-SLP

When: January 11, 2024, @ 4:30 pm Pacific/6:30 pm Central/7:30 pm Eastern

Audience: This neurodiversity-affirming educational session is geared toward practicing therapists, educators, autistic individuals (formally and self-identified), and parents and caregivers of autistic people.

Register: $15  (Therapy Neurodiversity Collective Members, this course is included in your membership!)

🕒Can’t make the live session? Not a problem! All registrants for our LIVE events will receive access to the recording for two weeks after the presentation date.

Presented by the dynamic Ashlee Barrios-Ariaz, M.S., CCC-SLP, this not-to-be-missed live event will happen on January 11, 2024. In this trailblazing topic, we delve into the respectful exploration of neurodiversity with Latinx families. This potent presentation draws upon the latest autism research, pillars of neurodiversity, and the tenets of culturally-responsive practice, empowering therapy providers to thoughtfully navigate conversations about neurodiversity-affirming therapy with Latinx families with finesse. An interactive Q&A will follow the presentation to tie it all together, inviting your thoughts and queries.

This enlightening and transformative presentation is carefully crafted for SLPs, OTs, Mental Health Counselors, and other therapy providers. Dive into a world where science meets culture, where theory becomes practice, and where you become the change. Enroll today to secure your place!

After this course, you will be able to

  • Describe common cultural values within the Latinx community as well as potential nuances based on country of origin, immigration experiences, etc.
  • Compare and contrast the principles of neurodiversity with a variety of cultural values to understand whether and why some attitudes may easily align and others may not.
  • Describe culturally responsive ways to facilitate positive relationships with Latinx families of autistic children while staying true to neurodiversity-affirming therapy principles.

Course Includes: Professional Development Certificate, Slides and Handout

Presenter Bio: Ashlee Barrios-Ariaz, M.S., CCC-SLP (she/her) is an AuDHD, Chicanx, speech-language pathologist who works in the public school setting in Southern California. She advocates for ethical, evidence-based, and neurodiversity-affirming support for neurodivergent students. With years of experience serving autistic children and their families within predominantly Mexican and Chicanx populations, Ashlee is passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the broader Latinx community. Ashlee’s ultimate goal is to help improve outcomes and quality of life for autistic and otherwise neurodivergent individuals.

Neurodiversity and Culturally Responsive Therapy for U.S. Latinx Communities