Therapist Neurodiversity Collective


Grace Kiriakos, Psy.D.
Berkeley, CA, USA
Phone: (510) 619 – 0342
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 31468), Private Practice 


I provide neurodivergent-affirming, gender-affirming, and trauma-informed individual psychotherapy for adults.  I specialize in working with late-diagnosed adults.  Additional services include professional consultation and assessment integration. 

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Hanalei (Hana) Lumley, MS CCC-SLP
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
ASHA Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Private Practice – In-person and Telehealth

Phone: (608) 630-7578


I offer neurodiversity-affirming speech therapy services for individuals of all ages. As a neurodivergent SLP, I specialize in neurodivergent communication empowerment. I focus on supporting speech-language development, gestalt language processing, stuttering, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), aphasia, dysarthria and cognitive-communication skills.