Follow these steps to be considered for our Business Directory:

Important: If you are already a Collective Member (You are a paying member with access to the forum and members-only content) then you will have to use a separate email address to fill out this form and to log into your Business Directory account.

  1. Fill out this form and submit it. No fee is required at this point.
  2. Your application will be thoroughly reviewed to make certain your business adheres to our requirements. The review process may take up to two full weeks, or longer if we require an interview.
  3. Once you have been approved, you will be sent a link to pay the annual fee, and then craft and upload your listing and any photos.

Your website and all social media will be thoroughly reviewed to confirm the use of identity-first language throughout, as well as to affirm that your business meets our requirements for the following:

Applicants may be required to be interviewed via Zoom if we have further questions or need additional information prior to approving an application:

If you sell books, products, materials, or programs, or conduct educational sessions or CEU events, our team will need to review samples of these in-depth. Your business’ copyrights and intellectual property will be respected and the materials will not be shared or used by our team with the exception of the time for review. If your CEU event or products are marketed to ABA providers, please do not apply to be an advertiser with us.