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Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s Leadership may be found here.
We are a therapy, education, and advocacy international collaborative for licensed SLPs/OTs/PTs and licensed assistants. We provide families, caregivers, and clients free access to a worldwide directory of credentialed and licensed pro-neurodiversity-focused, trauma-informed therapists, businesses, and organizations. The Therapist Neurodiversity Collective advocates for changes in therapy practices to reflect presuming competence in the people we serve, upholding the human rights and dignity of the disabled, and respecting communication and sensory differences. The Therapist Neurodiversity Collective actively partners with neurodivergent and other disabled people to provide updates in contemporary research, educational resources, and educational opportunities which reflect our core values.
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Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s Values and Code of Behavior: 
  • Members are advocates for Disability Rights and Civil Rights
  • Members are advocates for equitable inclusion, and unrestricted access to supports, modifications, and accommodations
  • Members use ethical billing practices in all settings
  • Members adhere to ethical sales of therapy/parent materials/apps/programs
  • Members provide therapeutic programs that are respectful of neurodivergence, such as autistic differences and sensory processing differences, and address the individual’s specific needs as opposed to a diagnostic label
  • Members practice with a presumption of competence and respect for personal agency
  • Members apply a Strength-Based Approach
  • Members are unapologetic in their opposition to the use of ABA, including Positive Supports and Positive Reinforcement (PBS and PBIS)
  • Members use humane and trauma-informed approaches to Feeding Therapy
  • Members provide access to robust AAC with core language, aided language stimulation, and modeling with no prerequisites
  • Members respect Body Autonomy
  • Members do not use Seclusion and Restraint in our Practices
  • Members do not act as Social Skills Trainers/Interventionists
  • Members practice with cognizance of the potentially harmful effects of social skills programs that promote masking
  • Members will use no application of Exposure Therapy (any form of “tolerance” or “extinction”, in Vivo and Flooding, Imaginal), that potentially induces emotional distress, trauma, and PTSD
    This includes ERP, DPT, sensory system desensitization, or any type of operative conditioning or respondent conditioning (behavior modification through conditioning)
Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s
Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice Series

Members-Only Educational Events Scheduled for 2022:


Dr. Monique Botha
The Relevance of Minority Stress, Intersectionality, and Community Connectedness for Affirmative Therapeutic Practice

Dr. Catherine Crompton
Research Presentation

Kristy Forbes – InTune Pathways
Presentation – PDA

Kelly Mahler, Occupational Therapist
Presentation – Interoception

Elaine McGreevy – Speech Language Therapist
Home-based SLT for autistic pre-schoolers
Creating Enabling and Affirming Communication Environments at Preschool
Autism Diagnostics through a Neurodivergent Affirming Lens
Talking to Teens about Masking and Embracing their Autistic Identity

Julie Roberts, Speech-Language Pathologist, Executive Director – Therapist Neurodiversity Collective
Presentation – Social Skills Training and The Neurodiversity Movement: Research, Lived Experiences, and Ethical Considerations for Therapy Practices

Kieran Rose – The Autistic Advocate
Research Presentation – Autistic Masking & Camouflage
Research Presentation and Application – Monotropism
Presentation – TBD

Dr. Noah Sasson
Research Presentation

Dr. Virginia Spielmann – STAR Institute: Sensory Processing
Presentation 1: Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy for Difference in Sensory Integration and Processing Part I
Presentation 2: Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy for Difference in Sensory Integration and Processing Part II

Dr. Rebecca Wood
Research Presentation



Check here regularly for the updated list as we continue to add speakers to our
2022 Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice Series!