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Therapist Neurodiversity Collective’s Ethics & Values

  • Members are advocates for Disability Rights and Civil Rights
  • Members are advocates for equitable inclusion, and unrestricted access to supports, modifications, and accommodations
  • Members use ethical billing practices in all settings
  • Members adhere to ethical sales of therapy/parent materials/apps/programs
  • Members provide therapeutic programs that are respectful of neurodivergence, such as autistic differences and sensory processing differences, and address the individual’s specific needs as opposed to a diagnostic label
  • Members practice with a presumption of competence and respect for personal agency
  • Members apply a Strength-Based Approach
  • Members are unapologetic in their opposition to the use of ABA, including Positive Supports and Positive Reinforcement (PBS and PBIS)
  • Members use humane and trauma-informed approaches to Feeding Therapy
  • Members provide access to robust AAC with core language, aided language stimulation, and modeling with no prerequisites
  • Members respect Body Autonomy
  • Members do not use Seclusion and Restraint in our Practices
  • Members do not act as Social Skills Trainers/Interventionists
  • Members practice with cognizance of the potentially harmful effects of social skills programs that promote masking
  • Members will use no application of Exposure Therapy (any form of “tolerance” or “extinction”, in Vivo and Flooding, Imaginal), that potentially induces emotional distress, trauma, and PTSD
    This includes ERP, DPT, sensory system desensitization, or any type of operative conditioning or respondent conditioning (behavior modification through conditioning)

Neurodiversity lite has created a cottage industry for influencers, therapists, and companies to charge exorbitant amounts of money for ‘neurodiversity-affirming products, books, “master classes”, and therapist training.  Therapist Neurodiversity Collective doesn’t do “neurodiversity lite“. We believe that Neurodiversity Education should be affordable for therapists who want to practice with ethical, non-behavioral-based, trauma-informed care. A minimum of 20 hours of Continuing Professional Education hours with accompanying CPE/CMH certificates are included in 2022 membership dues. 

This Year's Speakers


Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice Series for Members

Continuing Professional Educational Events Scheduled for 2022

Dr. Monique Botha
“The Relevance of Minority Stress, Intersectionality, and Community Connectedness for Affirmative Therapeutic Practice”

Caroline Braun, Speech-Language Pathologist
“Neurodiversity Informed Feeding Therapy”

Dr. Catherine Crompton
Research Presentation

Donnie Denome – Publications Associate, Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Full-time AAC User
Presentation – “Providing Ethical, Respectful, and Effective Therapy for Autistic and Other Neurodivergent Clients”

Kristy Forbes, Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist
Founding Director of inTune Pathways and The Neurodivergent Collective.
Presentation on PDA

Amy Grant, Speech-Language Pathologist
Senior Advisor to Therapist Neurodiversity Collective; Owner, Therapy Center of Buda
Presentation – “Trauma-Informed Care for the SLP/OT”

Desiree R. Jones
4th Year Doctoral Student at The University of Texas at Dallas
Presentation: Racial Disparities in Autism – June 17, 2022

Kelly Mahler, Occupational Therapist, Interoception Expert
Presentation – “An Overview of Interoception for the Therapist”

Kate McLaughlin, Speech-Language Pathologist
AAC Therapy Advisor to Therapist Neurodiversity Collective; Owner, The AAC Coach and AAC Services of Connecticut
Presentation 1 – AAC Engagement and Motivation
Presentation 2 – AAC TBD

Normandy Rindahl, OT
Occupational Therapy with Autistic Clients: Valuing and Promoting Neurodiversity

Julie Roberts, Speech-Language Pathologist
Founder & Executive Director – Therapist Neurodiversity Collective
Presentation 1 – “Social Skills Training and The Neurodiversity Movement: Research, Lived Experiences, and Ethical Considerations for Therapy Practices”
Presentation 2 – “Pragmatic Language, Self-Advocacy, Functional and Practical Goal Writing, and Therapy Applications”

Kieran Rose – The Autistic Advocate
Senior Advisor to Therapist Neurodiversity Collective
Research Presentation 1 – “Autistic Masking & Camouflage”
Research Presentation and Application 2 – “Monotropism”
Presentation 3 – TBD

Dr. Noah Sasson
Research Presentation

Dr. Virginia Spielmann – STAR Institute: Sensory Processing
Presentation 1: “Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy for Difference in Sensory Integration and Processing Part I – January 28, 2022
Presentation 2: Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy for Difference in Sensory Integration and Processing Part II

Dr. Rebecca Wood
Research Presentation